Freight policy at Sunrise Medical...

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

LONGMONT, Colo. - Here is Sunrise Medical's new freight policy that took effect of Jan. 9, 2006:
- All orders (parts and products) placed on the company's Web site ( or via electronic data interface (EDI), regardless of order amount, will receive free freight. Previously, the company charged a $10 freight charge for Web orders under $100.
Not only is Web ordering quicker, it cuts down on mistakes.
"It is almost a seamless paper process," said Bob Von Kaenel, vice president of marketing. "The combination of those factors help us be more efficient. If we are more efficient, we want to be able to pass that on to our customers."
- All non-Web orders over $1,000 receive free freight. The company previously charged a $10 shipping fee for non-Web orders under $250.
- All non-Web orders under $1,000 are subject to a handling charge based on order value: $10 for orders between $1 - $250; $25 for $251 - $500; $35 for $501 - $750; and $45 for $751 - $999.
"What we've decided to do is emphasize how important it is to be efficient in our businesses," said Carey Winkel, president of North American Commercial Operations.