G-F enlists new CEO, board members

Thursday, January 31, 2002

ATLANTA - Graham-Field has got a new CEO and some new notable additions to its board. Michael Joffred will succeed Tom Opladen as CEO and chairman of the board. Joffred had served as GF's CFO through the restructuring process. At the time of his appointment, Opladen expected that his time at the helm would be short. Three other members of Graham-Field's executive team have also joined the board: Michael Crouch, Vicki Ray and Cherie Antoniazzi. GF says the decision to place them on the board "unequivocally endorses the creditors' belief in the capabilities of the senior management team."
Concord Elevator acquires Whisperlift

BRAMPTON, Ontario - Concord Elevator on Jan. 8 announced that it has acquired Whisperlift Systems, a lift systems designer and manufacturer. The Liberator vertical platform lift, the MiniLift traversing scissor platform lift and the Web-Belt ceiling track patient lift are three Whisperlift products. Whisperlift principals Ian Clark and Paul Slevinsky have joined Concord as directors of R&D and product development.
Economy down, Permobil up
LEBANON, Tenn. - The economic downturn hasn't touched Permobil, a high-end wheelchair manufacturer. The company says its Medtrade booth attendance increased by more than 50% over the previous years. Despite the events of Sept. 11, Permobil said it realized a 25% sales jump in the third quarter and expects its fourth quarter sales to climb an additional 30%. Profits are also increasing, the company said.