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Game-changing technology

Game-changing technology

INDIANAPOLIS - Professional development isn't the only tool that employees need to succeed, says Rehab Medical President Kevin Gearheart.

They also need the right technology.

That's why Rehab Medical in October launched an updated version of its mobile customer relationship management (CRM) software solution.

“This has been a game changer for us,” Gearheart said.

The CRM solution allows Rehab Medical's sales force to speed up the process of providing complex power wheelchairs and improve communication.

The solution allows any employee to, for example, put notes in a patient's account and view them in real time.

“So there's a high level of accountability across the board,” Gearheart said.

Gearheart also uses the CRM solution himself to know “exactly what's going on in every location—down to every rep and every patient,” he said.

Rehab Medical made the investment early on to develop its CRM solution in house.

“The way our IT director puts it: Most companies bend their processes around someone else's tool; we bend our tool around our processes,” Gearheart said. “It's a big reason we have been able to grow so much.”


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