GAO clears way for Connolly

Thursday, April 9, 2015

WASHINGTON – CMS will likely move forward with Connolly as its contractor for the new national RAC for DMEPOS, home health and hospice, according to industry consultant Andrea Stark.

In its bid protest docket, the Government Accountability Office lists two protests filed by Performant Recovery on Jan. 6 and Feb.17 as dismissed. This means the protests had a technical or procedural flaw, such as timeliness or jurisdiction, or the agency has taken corrective action that addresses the protests, according to the GAO website.

“We speculate that the contract will proceed with Connolly unless Performant Recovery takes the opportunity to submit another bid protest, if the timeliness of a protest is made viable through the dismissal process,” Stark wrote on the MiraVista website.

CMS announced in December that it had picked Connolly, the current RAC for Jurisdiction C, as the new national RAC for DMEPOS, home health and hospice. The agency had to put its plans on hold, however, when Performant Recovery, the current RAC for Jurisdiction A, protested the award.

While the GAO’s decision likely green lights CMS to move forward with Connolly, Stark points out that nothing is official—yet.

“CMS has not directly addressed the status of these protests,” she wrote.