Gary Sheehan: Data, not pizza, wins over referral sources

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

SANDWICH, Mass. – It has been 36 years since provider Gary Sheehan’s parents launched Cape Medical Supply out of their home—high time for a revamp to reflect a new generation of health care. Sheehan, president and CEO, spoke with HME News about Cape Medical Supply’s rebrand this summer.

HME News: How do you see Cape Medical Supply today?

Gary Sheehan: We see ourselves as a post-acute healthcare company—not a medical equipment company. Moving forward, we need to be more sophisticated in our approach to what and how we deliver in terms of value to the payer and the healthcare system.

HME: How has the healthcare industry evolved?

Sheehan: We’re in a macro healthcare environment. There are re-admission penalties, there are accountable care organizations. I think you are going to see people a little bit higher up in healthcare organizations getting involved in partner selections. They are responsible for what happens in the home but have no control over that, so they are looking to beef things up.

HME: And you want to be sure those organizations know you can help them with that?

Sheehan: I think there is going to be intense interest in the post-acute care network—who is in that network and why are they in the network. In the past it’s been somebody’s brother-in-law, or they bring pizza every week, or they’ve just used them forever. We want to make sure we have a compelling case to make, with data and with evidence that we are the appropriate partner.

HME: Are you also investing in your employees to push Cape Medical forward?

Sheehan: We recently hired a human resources professional who has a deep background in LEAN improvements. We want to accelerate the professional development of our folks so everybody is as ready as they can be. In the broader picture, every day we are tweaking and improving.