Get passionate about sleep

Thursday, December 17, 2009

LUBBOCK, Texas – The science of sleep offers providers an opportunity to position themselves for growth, says Kelly Riley.

“HME providers have an incredible opportunity to really dive into the clinical data related to the management of sleep disease and to become passionate about promoting public awareness,” said Riley, director of The MED Group’s National Respiratory Network, in a recent HME News TV interview.

Because patient outcomes are measured in terms of compliance with the therapy, it’s important for providers to start measuring that data, said Riley.

“There is not a truly recognized scientific metric that says ‘this is the magic number, for compliance,” she said. “We need to decide what that metric is going to be. Tell patients you’re very passionate about patient outcomes and (their) numbers will be included in future data.”

The importance of good sleep is gaining traction with the general public: TV commercials abound with products and services geared toward helping consumers achieve more and better sleep, said Riley.

“We should jump on those coattails,” she said. “We should step up and really become passionate about promoting awareness.”

That means doing more than just calling on referral sources, said Riley. Because HMEs work with the public every day they are well-positioned to educate the public about the risks of sleep apnea, she said. Community health fairs and speaking engagements for local civic groups are just two examples.

“There are lots of opportunities to empower the public,” said Riley. “If we establish ourselves in the community as the ‘go-to’ expert, we are going to get the business and be identified as more than just looking to move product.”

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