Getting from here to there

Thursday, July 31, 2003

WINNIPEG, Manitoba - ScootAround, a company that traffics in short-term wheelchair and scooter rentals, just added Barcelona and Rome to its list of locations, bringing its total to 500-plus.

“If there’s somewhere a client wants to go, we’ll try to get them there,” said Cheryl Thibert, operations manager.

Brother and sister David Vincent and Lee Meagher started ScootAround seven years ago, after watching their father scramble to find a replacement for his damaged scooter during a vacation.

“There’s a need out there for people with mobility concerns who want to travel,” Thibert said. “They want to be able to go anywhere, but they need to have certain needs met first.”

It’s not uncommon for a NRRTS member to post a message to NRRTS’s online forum, asking for a dealer who can help a client who is travelling.

While there are local and regional companies that rent wheelchairs and scooters, ScootAround is the only company to do it in so many locations, Thibert said. All clients have to do is call a 1-800 number and their needs are met almost anywhere, she said.

Of the 500-plus locations where ScootAround provides rentals, about a dozen are operated by the company. In the remaining locations, ScootAround has contracted with local providers and retail operations that have agreed to meet guarantees like on-time deliveries, 24-hour availability, etc. HME