At a glance

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

4 Prepare for an influx: Some observers predict that the historic model for medical delivery with the doctor at the center will be replaced with a new model that has the patient and caregivers at the center. One specific implication for HME providers is that patients and caregivers will be making a much larger portion of the decisions regarding HME than they have to date. The Internet will only gain in importance for reaching this audience in the future.

4 Boomer factor: Middle-aged children don't always live near their parents and aids-to-daily-living are becoming more popular gift items. So it stands to reason that Internet-comfy boomers in Chicago would buy a reacher for mom in Sun City online.

4 No 'Field of Dreams': The "Build It and They Will Come" mentality doesn't cut it with Web sites. Providers should let people know they are out there by investing in search engine listings.