'Going retail was good move'

Thursday, January 31, 2008

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. - New Hope Medical Equipment's decision last year to focus more on retail sales has paid off in spades. Before the transition, the provider averaged about 76 products sold per month. In November, it hit 243 products sold. Additionally, it has decreased its dependency on Medicare to 26% of its payer mix.
"Going retail was a good move for us," said Gerry Warner, New Hope Medical's marketing manager. "It has made all the difference."
New Hope Medical began focusing more on retail sales in April 2007, when it debuted a 3,600-square-foot showroom.
The provider has seen its biggest boost in lift chair sales. It used to sell two to four lift chairs per month; now it sells 10 to 12.
"We offer customers more choices in lift chairs now, and we've found they're willing to pay for those choices," Warner said. "We sell more $1,000 lift chairs than we do $699 chairs."
In December, New Hope Medical debuted new TV commercials featuring its expanded showroom and product mix.
"2007 has been fantastic," Warner said.