Golden polishes service offerings

Thursday, November 30, 2006

OLD FORGE, Pa. - Golden Technologies revamped its sales and marketing teams over the past few months in an effort to service providers "faster, more accurately and more efficiently" than ever before.
"We're going into a whole new year with a tremendous amount of change with Medicare, and service is important," said C.J. Copley, executive vice president of sales and marketing.
As part of the revamped sales team, Golden promoted Copley from vice president of marketing to his new position. He'll now oversee all aspects of the company's sales and marketing. In a major move, the company also hired The Brewis Group, an independent rep firm, in late summer to work the western United States, where Golden has had spotty coverage. The company now has 100% representation in every state, Copley said.
In other moves, Golden has:
* Appointed a director of reimbursement services to keep providers abreast of what they need to know to sell Golden's products and to help the company target its R&D efforts.
* Shored up its business development department, which makes providers aware of all the company's products and how to sell them.