Gould’s Discount Medical knows retail

Sunday, February 29, 2004

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - So impressive is the new retail showroom at Gould’s Discount Medical that it inspired one manufacturer’s rep to rhapsodize “there’s no place like this in the entire country.”
Gould’s Discount medical occupies 25,000-square feet of this new 50,000 square-foot complex in the heart of Louisville, Ky.’s hospital district. When it comes to retail, like real estate, it’s location, location, location.

He could be right. Gould’s seems as much department store as DME. In a take off on Wal-Mart, a greeter welcomes customers, determines their needs, and then directs the person to one of eight retail clerks. A big parking lot provides easy access. An escalator ferries customers to the second floor uniform and scrubs department. A fish tank provides ambiance. A plasma TV runs an “endless loop of commercials” showing a variety of DME products in real use, such as person using a scooter in a shopping mall.

“As people are waiting for someone to wait on them, it is a silent sales person, and it might trigger the thought, ‘Oh, yeah. I need that,’” said Vice President David Gould.

Gould’s opened the 50,000-square-foot location late last spring in the heart of Louisville’s hospital district. The company occupies 25,000 square feet (about half of that devoted to the showroom), and leases the rest to medical professionals. This year the company plans to upgrade its Web site with ecommerce capability.