Graham-Field: 'We have just about everything'

Saturday, June 30, 2007

ATLANTA - Graham-Field beefed up its marketing department this spring with three new hires and now employs dedicated product managers for respiratory, mobility and mattress/pressure reduction products.
That kind of individualized focus spells good news for Graham-Field and its customers, say company officials.
"There is one contact point," said Scott Sutherland, the new senior product manager, respiratory. "When you are calling in and saying, 'I have a question about such and such,' before they'd say, 'OK, let me look up the right person.'"
That won't be the case anymore, he said.
Likewise, a dedicated product manager--rather than someone overseeing several lines--improves accountability and product development, Sutherland said.
"When you are looking at the needs of respiratory vs. the needs of wheelchairs or mattresses, I think the approach you take is a little bit different," he said.
In addition to the expanded marketing department--from 12 to 15 employees--Graham-Field recently doubled the size of its Atlanta distribution center to 100,000 square feet and added a line of respiratory disposable products.
This summer, it plans to introduce a 35-pound concentrator, said Ken Spett, Graham-Field's vice president of marketing.
"We're strong and growing," he said. "The whole purpose of Graham-Field is to buy as much as you can from us because we have just about everything."