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Griffin sports

Griffin sports

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - To fulfill its mission of treating the families of its clients like family, Griffin Home Health Care has launched a new division, Griffin Sports, Health & Wellness. 

Now, when families come in to pick up Dad's new wheelchair, they can find a knee brace for an injured student and some fitness gear to help her recover.

“It dawned on me that we were missing a huge chunk of your family, specifically folks that are very much interested in wellness,” said Richie Griffin, COO of the new division.

Griffin Sports, Health & Wellness offers a full line of rehab and exercise equipment, including braces and pain management. Items include: recumbent and stationary bikes, treadmills, fitness bands, medicine balls, kettle bells, hot and cold therapy, TENS units, and topicals, like Biofreeze.

In short, Griffin says, “If I don't have it, you don't need it.”

Griffin Home Health Care isn't the only provider focusing on fitness. The product category has been one of Scottsdale, Ariz.-based ActiveForever's biggest sellers for the past seven to eight years, said COO Erika Feinberg.

“We see in our industry that exercise, circulation and balance, and strength training make a huge difference in care outcomes and quality of life,” she said. “It's for anybody who may have an issue.”

Griffin Sports, Health & Wellness believes it is setting itself apart from box-store competition with a hands-on approach from trained staff, Griffin said.

“If you go to a big-box store and need a brace, you just go get it off the shelf,” he said. “Who's to say if that brace is right, it fits or is even appropriate for the injury or pain you're experiencing?”


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