Grogan's M&A strategy

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Grogan's Healthcare Supply has acquired VDK Turning Point, a women's health boutique specializing in mastectomy, maternity and related services. With the move, the 45-year-old company brings a niche back into the fold.
"We had been in the mastectomy business for years and when they opened seven years ago, the appeal of their philosophy made a lot of good sense but it wasn't something we were able to duplicate," said Alan Grogan, president. "Over a period of seven years, they ended up taking a fair amount of our business."
VDK will operate as a distinct unit within Grogan's. VDK's management and staff remain intact. VDK's general manager, Vicki Blevins, thinks the partnership will help benefit the women's health market.
"With the way the healthcare industry is going, it's hard for a stand-alone specialty shop to survive," said Blevins. "This way, we can get under one roof with a large company and provide this service to women."
VDK offers personalized care in a feminine setting. The boutique-within-a-store consists of 1,700 square feet divided off from the rest of the store.