Group declares 2008 the year of HME

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ROCKVILLE, M.D. - The Maryland National Capital Homecare Association (MNCHA), which represents a blend of homecare companies, plans to refocus on HME in 2008 .
The trick, said Executive Director Kathleen Sheehan, has been meeting the needs of all members.
"My HME folks, because they have been so concerned with competitive bidding, they said, 'We're not interested in training,'" she said. "My goal is to have HMEs be more proactive. We have a legislative action network, so we will try to do some more government affairs calls just for HME."
MNCHA currently has 80 to 100 members, about 25 are HMEs-a number she plans to increase. A leadership forum for providers last June drew 40 providers. Sheehan's goal is to hold four forums a year, with one open to members and non-members. HME