Happy workers create success

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The late Charles Schultz believed that happiness is a warm puppy. At ActiveForever, happiness is an engaged employee. CEO Erika Feinberg told HME News TV how she keeps her “customer service counselors” happy.

Have a plan

It’s important for any business leader to have a plan to ensure employees know what is expected of them, says Feinberg. “If they don’t have the structure around them, it can really hurt their self esteem, hurt their ability to function,” she said. “They have no goals.” With a plan, “you are going to perform better and likely be happier,” she said. “It works on the happiness level with the team.”

Mental shift

At ActiveForever there are no sales reps, rather the company employs “customer service counselors,” says Feinberg. “We are about education and improving care outcomes so when you call someone a salesperson, they act that way,” she said. “When you call them a counselor…it really changes that mentality.”

Empower them

To sell products, you’ve got to understand products and be excited about products, says Feinberg, who makes sure customer service counselors get plenty of training from manufacturer reps. The provider has a checklist of what needs to be covered during in-services, from special features to troubleshooting. “I know what our counselors need to make their lives easier,” she said. “They are getting abused all day long by people who are stressed out and having to spend money. We want to make their lives as easy as possible so we fill them with really great knowledge.”