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Have a business goal for 2018? 'Do it scared'

Have a business goal for 2018? 'Do it scared'

Most everyone is familiar with the saying “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” To stop the insanity, how do we get different results?  One word “CHANGE.”   The problem with change is that it's hard and it's scary, but without it we can never realize our true potential.

In business, change invigorates and excites me.  Admittedly, that wasn't always the case, but as I have grown and (“ahem”…aged) I embrace the idea of change in business. However, in my personal life, I have to confess change scares the hell out of me.  But in the midst of the fear, I have found the “courage to change.”  Why is it that now is the time to take the leap of faith, move forth into the unknown and hope for the best? I wish I knew. That's the thing with making important moves, you just need to do them and not ask too many questions about whether the time is right.  If you wait for the “right time,” that time may never come.

One of my favorite quotes about fear and making the moves necessary to improve your business as well as your personal life comes from Joyce Meyer.  She said that the thing about fear and taking the leap is that you just have to: ”do it scared.”  Rarely does someone make major shifts or even small ones full of confidence; there is always some element of apprehension.

When change occurs there are always going to bumps along the road, but if you stay steadfast and true to the direction in which you want to go and even take a couple of detours along the way, the end result is well worth the journey.  In my business, I always look for opportunities where we can improve. When you honestly evaluate your processes, staff, and philosophies there are so many wonderful opportunities for change.  The key is to enter the world of transformation with a sense of excitement and anticipation; like a child waiting for Christmas to come with all its presents and wonder.

Yes, some changes don't work out as one had hoped, but had you never taken those first steps, you would always be in a “what if” mindset in hindsight.  Good, bad or indifferent; change is part of life's wonderful prospects for a better life and/or better business.  If you ask my staff, what one of my weaknesses is they would tell you that I change too quickly on certain occasions.  That character trait I will blame on my father. The gene pool is strong there.  J

But, in knowing this, I have to make a conscious effort to rein that side in to fully analyze where I want my company to go, listen to those who are doing the work day to day and engage my team in meaningful conversations.  By doing this I can gather more data, gain different perspectives and then make the decision.  I still move faster than the average person, but that's why I'm an entrepreneur.  I have that freedom to maneuver and be nimble while others are buried in a myriad of bureaucracy.  God Bless America for giving me the ability to be an entrepreneur.

As you close out 2017 and look to the clean slate that is 2018, what do you want to do?  What scares, but excites you?  What do you know whether intuitively or through data examination that has to be done, but will cause pain in the process?  Think about it, do your research then….MAKE YOUR MOVE!  Don't sit still and watch others pass you.  “Do it scared.”  That way you can look back and know you gave it your all. Even if you fail, think of all the great lessons you learned so you won't make them again the next time around.

And if you need a little extra courage, there's always wine…

Till next time….Sarah

Sarah Hanna is CEO of ECS North in Tiffin, Ohio. Reach her at [email protected]


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