HealthMatrix Systems purchases RMN

Sunday, June 30, 2002

RACINE, Wis. - HealthMatrix Systems, a private investment group, has acquired the Rehab Management Network and its Headley Order Processing System (HOPS) software.

As a result of the acquisition, the Rehab Management Network will adopt the HealthMatrix Systems name, and HOPS will be revamped and renamed Symphony 2.5, according to Rick Headley, president of the Rehab Management Network.

"I think we'll be more appealing to more people now," Headley said. "We were so limited before."

The two-year-old HOPS software is a rehab-specific, 24-step computer software system that manages a provider's order transaction cycle. The company says the software not only improves management, it cuts the time required to complete the cycle, and increases efficiency and profitability.

The biggest enhancement made to the software will be providers'ability to do business with multiple manufacturers, Headley said. Before, the Rehab Management Network had an exclusive contract with Invacare that forced providers to buy products from that company. Now, the company's contract with Invacare has expired, and providers can buy products from any number of manufacturers.

Other enhancements will include Web enabling the software and making it compatible with major billing systems, Headley said. In general, HealthMatrix hopes to shift the focus of the software from an order entry system to a "profitability management system."

According to a press release, Symphony 2.5 allows the rehab dealer to evaluate the gross margins and profits of a sale before any paper work is begun.

HealthMatrix is currently looking for a new president. Headley is serving as acting president. HME