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Hey, Len Serafino, great job

Hey, Len Serafino, great job

When Len Serafino, the vice president of sales for CHAD Therapeutics, told me he'd written a novel and wanted me to read it, I'll be honest, I was not all that enthusiastic. This is no knock on Len. I've always liked Len and enjoyed talking to him. He's written a bunch of stuff for HME News over the years, and it's all been very good. But when it comes to the novel, you've got to know what you're doing or the result can be a mind-numbing experience, which, in general, I like to avoid.

Well, you know what? Len's a pro.

That's right. He's really good.  I read Len's novel, Back to Newark, and it's a page turner--and I'm not getting a kick back to say this.

It's about a middle aged guy who loses his wife (twice), his job and then gets bullied out of $450,000 by a boyhood friend turned mobster. In trying to get the doe back, which he planned to use for his retirement, the main characther, Phil Falco, goes on a journey of self-discovery. Along the way you meet his girlfriends (he's got a way with women); his daughter, a not too bright young woman who believes becoming a porn star is just the first stop on her road to Hollywood fame and fortune; and a couple of thuggish gangsters who give the book an air of danger.

If you are looking for something to read, you can order Back to Newark through Amazon.

As I was reading Back to Newark, it got me thinking. I bet there are a bunch of people out there in HME land doing really great stuff, but because it has nothing to do with home medical equipment, we never hear about it. For example, industry consultant Wallace Weeks is retiring at the end of this year and will devote himself to one of his passions, commercial photography. Check out his site. Wallace is really good.

If anyone else is doing something creative out there unrelated to HME, I'd love to hear about it. You never know, I may be sitting around late some Friday afternoon (like I am now), looking for something to blog about.

Have a great holiday weekend.

Mike Moran


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