HME falls prey to pornographic propaganda

Sunday, November 30, 2003

LOGAN, Ohio - A “twisted, bitter man” allegedly used a local HME’s envelopes to send pornographic material and threatening letters to municipal and business leaders.

Charles Bunyard, 69, apparently used envelops and addresses of businesses like Good Home Medical Equipment & Oxygen randomly, not because he held some grudge against them. Officials at the HME don’t know how he got hold of the company’s envelopes.

“We got calls from people in Kentucky and Indiana who had received the mail,” said Andy Good, director of development at Good Home. “I probably got four or five calls a day for a couple of weeks. Mostly they were calling to let us know that it was happening.”

On the bright side, because of publicity surrounding the case, 12 newspapers wrote stories mentioning Good Home and two TV news programs featured the company. Everyone should be so lucky, Good said. The HME couldn’t have bought that kind of publicity.

Officials arrested Bungard in September for allegedly sending the letters. Bungard apparently had a beef with federal and local governments, as well as some business leaders. In addition to superimposing the heads of people he disliked on pornographic bodies, he allegedly urged recipients to support militia organizations.

“I think he was a twisted, bitter man,” Good said of Bunyard “He was also a very talented individual as far as computer skills go. He could have done a lot of good.”