HME News premiers data-based conference

Thursday, March 31, 2005

YARMOUTH, Maine — Rep. Mike Ross will speak at the HME Business Summit in Chicago Sept. 11-13, keynoting the first conference in the industry dedicated to the delivery of data HME suppliers need most to increase profits.
“Medicare utilization data, Medicaid data, the first ever HME Industry index, claims adjudication, the data you need to build a bid for competitive bidding,” said Rick Rector, publisher of HME News. “We’ve mined the deepest resources in the business, using the Freedom of Information Act. We’ve contacted every state Medicaid agency in the country to build our new index.”
The conference, says Rector, will stand as the most definitive clearinghouse for data in the industry.
After Ross, the conference organizers have tapped familiar and less familiar speakers, though every presentation will be unique to the HME Business Summit.
“We’ve got Vernon Pertelle, Apria’s national respiratory manager doing a session on outcomes data that providers can use to justify the cost-effectiveness of the services they provide,” said Jim Sullivan, editor of HME News. “Alison Cherney is going to reveal Medicare utilization data for oxygen concentrators, power wheelchairs and other big revenue producing products for every state, and then show providers how to put that data to work in a marketing campaign to gain share.”
Dexter Braff will lead a panel of three Wall Street analysts to show how one can read from trends in public companies to enhance private performance. Wallace Weeks and Tom Pryor will exhibit the fine art of building a bid.
Eric Kline. Bently Goodwin. Tom Williams. Terry Pageler. Researchers from Texas A&M.
“It’s an all-star cast,” said Rector. “You may know these names, but you probably won’t know this data. We’ve been working this thing hard for a year, and we think it’s going to pay off — for providers.”
Also speaking at the conference will be Dave Kinskey, the one-time owner of a thriving HME company in San Jose, who sold to Lincare in late 2002. Last fall, the Harvard-educated, Wyoming native won the mayoralty of Sheridan, Wyoming.
With the HME Business Summit, HME News is rolling out its first conference since two successful respiratory conferences in the mid-1990s.
The conference will take place at the Westin River North, on the banks of the Chicago River. To register or sponsor, contact Kerry McAnuff at 207-846-0600, x212 or