HME News TV: 'It's turning (e-commerce) into part of your business that's challenging'

Thursday, March 17, 2011

YARMOUTH, Maine - If you think you can just slap a virtual grocery cart in the upper right-hand of your website and become an e-commerce provider, you've got it all wrong, says consultant Jonathan Gordon.

"Once you have the (e-commerce capability) on your site, that's the easy part," said Gordon, president of the Coribus Group. "It's turning that into part of your business that's more challenging."

To succeed, HME providers will want to have a detailed plan that includes knowing how many employees to involve in that aspect of their business ("it could take over," he says) and knowing your costs (cost of goods sold, cost of delivery, cost of processing credit card payments).

As for competing with larger companies with well-established e-commerce websites, like Wal-Mart: "There's a couple of things they can do and they're all about doing what they already know." Gordon says.

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