Hold on to your seat!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The average reduction for seat cushions across the nine competitive bidding areas:

  • Standard power wheelchairs

K0734: 15.89%

K0735: 25.24%

K0736: 15.52%

K0737: 16.43%

  • Complex power wheelchairs

K0734: 9%

K0735: 8.18%

K0736: 8.44%

K0737: 8.69%

The reductions aren't anywhere near the average reduction of 32% for all product categories, but Tom Borcherding, president of The ROHO Group, says: "1.) These are accessories, and, therefore, did not impact the bid weights to any significant degree (bidders could have bid all accessories at the allowable, and it would not have made any significant difference in the bid award); and 2.) cushions were subject to the 9.5% reduction in 2009 (to pay for the initial delay of Round 1) when associated with power wheelchairs."