Hoveround, Health South deal proves beneficial for revenues

Sunday, November 30, 2003

SARASOTA, Fla. - Backed by an army of Health South physical and occupation therapists, Sarasota-based Hoveround expects good things in its future, including rising revenues and credibility.

“When a doctor sees the Health South name on the paperwork, his reaction to seeing that third party evaluation is positive in that there is somebody else that’s taking a look at the patient from a different perspective,” said Hoveround President Tom Kruse.

Hoveround inked a mutually exclusive deal in October to have outpatient rehab giant Health South conduct functional evaluations of potential power mobility customers to ensure they are compliant with Medicare and insurance guidelines.

The deal will arm Hoveround with a nationwide network of PTs and OTs. With that comes the potential to double business.

“I get to add literally thousands of occupational and physical therapists to my workforce as needed,” said Kruse. “So, I can look on the front end to increase the volume of inquiries and then have a way to handle that volume.”

Under the exclusive alliance, Hoveround will not seek evaluations from Health South’s competitors. In turn, Health South will not seek business with Hoveround’s rivals.

For Health South, the deal is expected to generate 1,000 to 2,000 additional patient encounters per month nationwide, according to Regional Vice President of Operations Chris Throckmorton.

“We think this a wonderful marketing opportunity and a chance for a greater volume of patients to see Health South first hand,” said Throckmorton.