How do you define rehab?

Saturday, May 31, 2008

For the last few years, you’ve had a section in your paper called Rehab. Your criteria for including articles in this section have always escaped me. You use ambiguous phrases in your articles like “rehab consumer power” and “as rehab providers dug through national competitive bidding pricing for standard and complex power wheelchairs…” just to cite a few. You feature stories in your Rehab section on companies and individuals who even by the furthest stretch of the imagination would not be considered rehab suppliers. How do you decide what’s fit to print in your Rehab section? Your publication is supported both editorially and through advertising by the complex rehab and assistive technology industry and profession. I strongly urge you to adopt a definition of rehab that more closely reflects that of NCART, NRRTS and RESNA--the groups that truly define what complex rehab is and should be.

Simon Margolis, executive director, NRRTS