How Medicare can save money

Monday, September 26, 2011

We hear a lot, in this industry, about how lawmakers target HME for cuts, because it's low-hanging fruit.

While that's true, it's also true that Medicare spending is unsustainable. If not cuts to HME, then what?

This special report isn't about finger pointing. It's not about: Don't cut reimbursement to HME providers; cut reimbursement to doctors.

This special report is about big-picture ideas.

HME News asked five people, all connected in some way to the HME industry, but all coming from different vantage points, to discuss how Medicare can save money. For AAHomecare's Michael Reinemer, it's increasing, not decreasing, the role of home care. For industry attorney Asela Cuervo, it's taking a more diagnosis-driven approach to audits.

To industry consultant Sylvia Toscano, it's using technology to control costs while maintaining program integrity. To provider Tom Ryan, it's aligning healthcare providers, including HME providers, to improve overall outcomes.

And to HME consumer Joel Solkoff, it's helping people with disabilities preserve independent lifestyles, and avoid, at all costs, nursing homes.