Hudson re-brands

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NEWINGTON, Conn. - To celebrate its 30th birthday, Hudson Home Health Care has given itself a complete "image makeover."

The Newington, Conn.-based provider has completed a re-branding initiative that involved changing its name to Hudson Seating & Mobility and overhauling its marketing materials and website.

"After 30 years, most of which have focused on complex rehab, it was time for an image makeover," said Ed Curley, vice president of marketing and contracting. "Going forward, we will market ourselves as a complex rehab company with additional ancillary services, including home access and HME."

Hudson got its start as a niche supplier of enteral nutrition and other HME and supplies. It began its shift to complex rehab after it hired an occupational therapist from an area children's hospital.

Today, its product mix looks something like this: 80% complex rehab, 9% home access, 8% standard HME and 3% support surfaces.

"We are certainly not abandoning our standard HME business," Curley said. "However, our primary strategy is focused squarely on being the best rehab and accessibility business we can be, with an eye on growth, as opportunities present themselves."

Specific elements of the re-branding initiative included: modernizing its logo; developing a new slogan: "Providing Technology for Independence"; and incorporating an online catalog, video gallery and news blog into its website.

Additionally, Hudson has given its growing home access division its own name, Hudson Accessibility Solutions; its own website,; and its own logo.

"While secondary to our complex rehab business, the access business provides a great cross-selling opportunity to many of the same consumers and clinicians," Curley said.

Thanks to the re-branding initiative, Hudson believes it is well positioned to withstand the challenges facing the HME industry.

"We are encouraged by the complex rehab exemption from NCB and the prospects of a separate benefit category," Curley said. "We're not necessarily laying all of our chips on complex rehab; rather, complex rehab has been our core business for the last 20 years. Complex rehab is what we know best."