Human Resources

Sunday, February 29, 2004

Questions that can’t be “faked”
With Vince Crew

Q. During interviews, applicants have all the right answers, but after they’re hired, we see real problems. What are magic questions that can’t be faked?

A. You’re right - Standard questions have standard answers. When you consider most job applicants may have just come from another interview or have been interviewing for a while, it’s no wonder they seem to be ready with snappy comments.

The ultimate objective of interviewing is not only to detect technical skills but to see if there’s a fit with the rest of your team. This includes values, ethics, manners and the things that can only be learned.

Here are three questions that “can’t be faked”:

- What is it about us that attracted you? (Reveals having done some homework and what interests them in a company.)

- What is the one thing your parents taught you that you’re thankful for? (A tremendous glimpse into upbringing and values.)

- What would make you stay with your current employer? (This tells you what motivates them and whether they’re interviewing for the long term.)

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Things that can be taught and things that can only be learned is a very powerful concept. Hard skills - technical, financial, clinical, mechanical - are often easier than soft skills like courtesy, co-operation, respect and honesty. Soft skills are the result of family, age and experience - exactly what you’re really trying to hire!

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