Human Resources

Saturday, January 31, 2004

Reviewing employee retention
With Vince Crew

Q. We just lost another employee to a new competitor. How do you keep up morale when that happens?

A. People leave companies for various reasons: problems with their boss, co-worker(s), money, benefits, family issues etc. Regardless, there are four things you must do immediately:

- Issue a statement - NOT a memo, but a face-to-face session. This needs to be done before the grapevine is in full negative swing.

- Reaffirm the direction and strength of the company - Say the person will be missed, but we’ve all got to keep going because our families and customers are depending on us! NO negative comments (to anyone/ about anyone).

- Emphasize that you’re not going to rush to find a replacement because you want to carefully select someone with the same high standards as the rest of the team. This means everyone will have to do more in the near term. NOTE: Make sure they’re compensated (somehow) for the extra work.

- Review your working environment, supervisory talent and retention programs. Employees rarely leave for money alone. Is there something you need to fix? Do it before you hire or lose anyone else.

When supervisors leave, other issues and morale strategies surface. Send an e-mail to me and get your FREE copy of “7 Things To Do When a Key Manager Leaves.”

There is always the perception something new is better. Do everything you possibly can to deliver the best you possibly can, for staff and customers - losing either is expensive.

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