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'I am so happy I could cry'

'I am so happy I could cry'

In the July issue, I wrote a story about how the New Hampshire Medicaid program had moved to a cost-plus 10% instead of a cost plus 30% method of paying for certain home medical equipment. The changes was particularly difficult for complex rehab providers. Jan Soderquist, CEO of Rehab Equipment Associates in Manchester, said of providing gait trainers under the payment rules, which the state put in place April 1:

"You'd have to be a mail order provider to be able to do these products at cost-plus 10%."

Soderquist and other providers, with help from NEMED, were trying to get a seat at a table with Medicaid to discuss alternatives. Most recently, they were lobbying legislators to help them. Late on Friday afternoon, they got a break. Soderquist e-mailed me (and others) the following update:

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend. We just received news from Medicaid that the cuts have been rescinded and Medicaid is going back to the previous methodology for pricing.  Thank you all for your support.  I am so happy I could cry."

Sometimes there are happy endings.

Liz Beaulieu


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