If the shoe fits ... thank a pedorthist

Saturday, April 30, 2005

MARIETTA, Ga. -- The pedorthist has a legitimate role in diabetic shoe provision, and it's time legislators gave it the recognition it deserves, a coalition of footwear manufacturers contends.
Since 2000, the vendor community has made a concerted lobbying effort for a federal law that mandates certification for all pedorthists engaged in fitting therapeutic shoes for diabetic clients. Legal recognition of pedorthists elevates the position to the same level as other medical fitters, such as orthotists and prosthetists, said Steve O'Hare, president of Pedors Shoes.
"At the moment, anyone can call themselves pedorthists," he said. "We don't want unqualified people fitting shoes."
The Pedorthic Footwear Association offers a three-week course on shoe fitting and certifies those who complete the program. The vendor coalition advocates creating a self-governing body to set standards and ensure compliance with them, O'Hare said.