Industry chips away at NCB bills

Thursday, August 31, 2006

WASHINGTON - Industry sources feel good that shortly after senators return from their August recess a lead sponsor will introduce a Senate companion bill to the Hobson-Tanner bill.
The industry has a senator lined up to introduce the bill, but he was unable to get it on the books before the Senate adjourned Aug. 3, sources said. The Senate reconvenes Sept. 5.
Meanwhile, the industry was able to ramp up the number of co-sponsors for the Hobson-Tanner bill, or H.R. 3559, to 132. The House of Representatives reconvenes Sept. 6.
The industry planned to meet with legislators during the August recess to drum up support for the Hobson-Tanner bill, which it believes would lessen the blow of competitive bidding.
Additionally, the industry has encouraged providers to mail out educational materials to beneficiaries to let them know their congressman has supported the bill.
"It's not an endorsement; it's just a thank you to the congressman," said Wayne Grau, Pride Mobility's senior area manager for New England, who has been conducting grassroots efforts nationwide. "We want to let beneficiaries know what their congressman has done for them."