Industry donations recharge advocacy

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

ATLANTA, Ga. - Although the money isn't yet earmarked for anything, NRRTS and NCART say that recent $25,000 donations will be put to good use.

The money was raised through MK Battery's Power For Funding initiative, now in its second year. This year, the manufacturer added a fundraising reception at Medtrade. The event raised more than $70,000. 

That's welcome news to the event's beneficiaries.

"We can use all the financial support we can get," said NCART Executive Director Don Clayback. 

The two groups were beneficiaries of last year's Power for Funding initiative as well.

Clayback said NCART used the money last year to aid two of its major objectives. 

"It wasn't targeted for any specific activity, but with the additional dollars, it enables us to be a little more active in the Medicaid arena and supports the efforts around the separate benefit category," said Clayback. 

Clayback said he expects the donation to assist in those efforts again this year. 

NRRTS also put the money to several uses last year, using it for the registry's operating budget and funding NRRTS's support of groups like The Clinician Task Force. A portion of the money also helped finance CELA. NRRTS Executive Director Simon Margolis has different plans for MK Battery's most recent donation. 

"This year, we're able to balance our 2012 budget without using any of that money, so it will sit in an account until we find the most appropriate use for it," said Margolis. "We're going to try to use it as a lump sum to do something that we would not ordinarily be able to do."

That could mean a new project or further work on NRRTS's efforts to help the industry prove CRT outcomes. Those efforts include a pilot program, in which providers collect patient satisfaction data. HME