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InfuSystem Mobile gives patients, clinics peace of mind

InfuSystem Mobile gives patients, clinics peace of mind

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. - InfuSystem Holdings new patient safety app, InfuSystem Mobile, is allowing clinics to connect with their patients like never before.

“If the patient has their phone, they're going to have everything they need to know about their infusion right in the palm of their hand,” said David Bonar, director of corporate marketing.

Designed to be easy to navigate with as few clicks as possible, the app features automated infusion safety alerts, frequently asked questions, appointment and pump return reminders, patient education videos, paperless form submission and secure two-way communications with InfuSystem's clinical support team of registered nurses.

“As far as we know this is the first app like this that offers these safety features,” said Bonar.

One standout feature of the app is its Infusion Safety Reminder. After a patient is sent home from the clinic he or she will receive an alert to check and confirm the value on their pump with Infusystem's system. If their response is outside the expected parameters, the app will prompt the patient to call the 24/7 nursing hotline. If no call is made, InfuSystem will reach out directly to the patient.

“It's an extra layer of safety and it gives our clinics peace of mind that the infusion is going as planned,” said Bonar.

The app is also fully customizable, allowing each clinic to record personalized videos and welcome messages and so that each facility can provide their patients with a branded experience.

“It really offers an extra touchpoint that both we at InfuSystem and the clinics can use to reach out to the patient to tell them something at a particular time during the course of their therapy,” said Bonar.


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