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Inogen takes more 'balanced approach' to next POC

Inogen takes more 'balanced approach' to next POC Company also preps to launch Inogen Connect, Inogen Capital

GOLETA, Calif. - Inogen teased three new products and services, including its next generation G5 portable oxygen concentrator, during a Nov. 6 conference call to discuss its financial results for the third quarter of 2018.

Inogen plans to launch the G5 in the first half of 2019, first in its direct-to-consumer channel and then in its domestic business-to-business channel.

“While we are not ready to talk specifics, we can say that we expect that the G5 will produce a higher oxygen capacity output than the G3, will be smaller in size than the G3 and will have a higher oxygen output per pound than the G3,” said Scott Wilkinson, CEO. “Thus, we expect the G5 to obsolete the G3 over the immediate term.”

When pressed for additional details on the G5, Wilkinson did allow that, unlike with other new product launches, the focus for this product was not necessarily just on size and weight.

“When we launched the G4 a little more than two years ago, what we heard, when we asked how to improve it, was, 'I'd like it quieter and I'd like a longer battery run time,'” he said. “So that was all factored into the G5. It's a more balanced approach to look at some of the other parameters and not just another smaller and lighter POC.”

Inogen also plans to launch Inogen Connect by the end of the year, joining the ranks of other manufacturers that offer POCs with connected capabilities.

“We believe providers will find features such as remote troubleshooting, equipment health checks and a location tracker will drive operational efficiencies when transitioning away from the delivery model,” Wilkinson said.

Additionally, Inogen plans to launch Inogen Capital, a program that will help providers secure financing through a third party to convert their businesses to a non-delivery POC model.

“It's something that our HME customers have been asking for for a long time and, frankly, something that our competition has used as a selling tool against us for many years,” said Ali Bauerlein, co-founder and CFO.


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