Invacare Supply helps HMEs expand

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

HOLLISTON, Mass. - If you're a provider looking to expand your presence on a budget, Invacare Supply Group may have just the thing for you: self-service kiosks.
Providers can buy the kiosks, which officially debuted at Medtrade, and place them in assisted living facilities and pharmacies. They act much like computer terminals, walking users through placing an order for any of Invacare Supply's 20,000 products.
"It's like a store within a store," said Kevin Roseff, president of the Boca Raton, Fla.-based Wired Retail Solutions, which helped Invacare Supply develop the kiosks.
"But without the significant investment," pointed out Greg Bosco, director of merchandising and marketing for Invacare Supply.
Because providers customize them to include company logos and Web site addresses, the kiosks still present branding opportunities--even if they're off-site, Bosco said.
"If a customer is in a pharmacy and places an order, he walks away with the provider's Web site address," he said.
Of course, providers can buy the kiosks and place them in their own stores, too, reducing costs and inventory turn times.