It’s unbelievable out there

Sunday, November 30, 2003

In his novel American Pastoral, Philip Roth coined the phrase “indigenous American berserk.”

By definition, this group of crazies exhibit extreme often disturbing behavior that, while by no means peculiar to the United States, has found its greatest expression here. Son of Sam, the Unabomber, Timothy McVeigh, the Boston Strangler, Jim Jones, Charles Manson, the Columbine killers, Sirhan Sirhan, Gary Gilmore, Lee Harvey Oswald, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dalhmer. The list goes on. And to it, we may now add the name of a “twisted, bitter man” who allegedly used an HME’s envelopes to send pornographic material and threatening letters to municipal and business leaders (see story).

In his correspondences, this fellow also included pictures of state capitols, the White House and local court houses with targets drawn on them. Given the proximity to 9/11, the targets attracted some serious attention from law enforcement officials.

Wheeler Dealers and the indigenous American berserk. In the words of one of our local TV personalities: It’s unbelievable out there.