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It's a growing business, but it can be stressful

It's a growing business, but it can be stressful

Providers  often repair home medical equipment that they sell. But will they also repair HME sold by other providers? HME News found out.

Our HME comes first

Provider Terry Luft will repair HME that users didn't buy at Harrisburg, Pa.-based Central Medical Equipment—but they'll have to wait in line.

“Our obligation is to the person we sold the product to,” said Luft, owner.

When competitiors go out of business

Gaining repair customers from HME providers that have closed can make it difficult to obtain medical necessity paperwork before repairs can be done, says Jim Greatorex, owner of Portland, Maine-based Black Bear Medical.

“Our repair division is growing by attrition and that's very stressful,” said Greatorex. It also means a longer wait time for the client.

A word of caution

Consultant Dick Fuller says when a provider repairs another provider's  HME it disrupts a checks-and-balances system.

“If providers make an error, they have to fix it—that helps them learn,” said Fuller.


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