It's not all bad

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Everything these days is usually about bad news or tough times, but today I had something happen I feel compelled to write you about. I am a small DME company located in the Phoenix area, Valley Respiratory Services. My wife and I are RTs. After 20 years in the field, we started our company three years ago to take better care of people, and offer the personal service and patient care that our industry used to have.

Recently, one of our pediatric pulmonary offices in town, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, had 18-month twins with spinal muscular atrophy. The family’s insurance plan has a $5,000 deductible. We contacted Dale Joyce, our local Respironics rep, hoping he might donate the cough assist, worth about $3,000. He shocked us by agreeing to donate not only the cough assist but also the BiPAP auto machines they also needed. Everything totaled about $5,000.

My company is donating everything else needed, including our time, to get them setup and taken care of. I worked in the same clinic that sees the kids for eight years and will do anything to help those in need.

I have no idea what type of stories you all look for, but it was very gratifying for us to call the clinic and the family to give them the good news.

- Ron Evans, Valley Respiratory Services, Mesa, Ariz.