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James Rogers, a man with a story to tell

James Rogers, a man with a story to tell New president of ATHOMES wants to raise voice of HME

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. - James Rogers is a retired CPA who got his start as a Medicare auditor, before becoming CFO, and ultimately, president of a chain of hospitals. Since 1992, he's owned a number of home medical equipment companies.

These days, he owns Chattanooga-based PPS Orthotic and Prosthetic and Phoenix Rehab and Mobility. He's also the president-elect of ATHOMES.

Working with James is a treat,” said Beth Bowen, executive director. “His passion and commitment to the industry is contagious.”

That commitment includes telling the story about HME and its role in health care, he told HME News.

“I think the industry needs to get the word out about how home care is an important part of healthcare and it's a vital tool in addressing the high costs,” he said.

HME News spoke with Rogers recently about his initial goals in his new role.

HME News: What's at the top of your list of goals as ATHOMES president?

James Rogers: My first goal is to remind our members that they are a noble group that are helping others with a high quality of life during difficult situations. I found a lot have been beat up over the last few years and not enough people are reminding them of what a great thing they do for our community.

HME: What do you feel are some of the industry's bigger challenges?

Rogers: I don't believe that the story is being told about how home care is a low cost alternative to institutional care and that any system moving forward should embrace home care as a critical component to the system.

HME: How do you plan to work with the national associations?

Rogers: I'm a major fan of AAHomecare and VGM and their efforts for the industry. Another goal I have for ATHOMES is to be an extension of those efforts and to establish a network of contacts for state legislators, as well as our national senators and members of Congress, so that when an issue comes out we will already have an infrastructure of members so we can get the word out more effectively.


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