Jane Bunch takes providers to school

Sunday, February 27, 2011

MARIETTA, Ga. - Industry billing guru Jane Bunch ended 2010 and began 2011 with a one-two punch.

In November, Bunch unveiled Ladies Healing Boutique, a franchise operation that specializes in health products and services for women.

"We do the breast prostheses and bras, camisoles and lingerie, but will do metaphase sleepwear, stuff for ovarian cancer, weight loss, diabetes, skin care and arthritis will be a huge division," Bunch said. "Being a cancer survivor myself, my dream was to have someplace where a female could go to get anything she needed for any diagnosis."

Right on the heels of that in January, Bunch kicked off Jane's Healthcare University.

The university is co-located with the Ladies Healing Boutique that Bunch owns and operates in Marietta.

"The university people will be coming (into the boutique), and they'll do intake with customers there," Bunch said. "They'll be helping customers on the floor. We'll be showing them how to do the billing, how to do the modifiers, how to get an ABN, how to fill out the paperwork, how to scan a document. It's hands-on."