Jane's bunch joins large billing vendor

Friday, September 30, 2005

ATLANTA -- CareCentric announced in mid-August that the industry's largest HME billing software vendor acquired the assets of Jane's Billing and Consulting Services, the industry's highest profile billing services company.
Those assets include Jane Bunch herself, who joins CareCentric as a vice president, and her staff of 40-45 billers. JBCS does billing for HME customers ranging in size from start-ups to $20 million, using a home-grown legacy system.
In time, CareCentric's new billing arm will give up Bunch's old system for the new Ac-Cura system, a software package that will eventually replace Mestamed and Dezine as the company's flagship product.
Ac-Cura is on track for release after Medtrade this fall, both as a traditional, licensed in-house system and as a Web-based product.
The combination of a billing system and billing service company is a first in the HME industry, and no mere accident of timing, say Bunch and Mike McGuire, senior vice president of sales and marketing at CareCentric.
"The level of sophistication, it's going to take to keep abreast of not only the federal regulation changes but more importantly the technological changes, I think is above and beyond what some of these organizations can do on their own," said McGuire.
"With all the changes in our industry, from competitive bidding, to a reduction in reimbursement, to inhalation drugs, more and more people are outsourcing more and more services," said Bunch. "They are finding that in the billing arena, if that's not your specialty, right now we have to make sure we collect every penny that's due to us."