J&J to dealers: Come have a look

Friday, April 30, 2004

Independence technologies, a J&J subsidiary, explored the development of a dealer network for iGlide at Medtrade.

WARREN, N.J. - Independence Technologies, the J&J subsidiary best known for its stair-climbing iBot power wheelchair, rolled out the welcome mat to HME suppliers at the Medtrade Spring show, one year after the company launched its iGlide manual assist wheelchair, which it planned to take direct to the end-user. At Medtrade, Independence declined to talk about its reasons for being at the show. But a spokesperson later said the development of a dealer network for the iGlide was a “possibility.” The spokesperson, Jay Van Vechten, warned against presumptions that Independence’s presence at Medtrade was evidence that direct-to-consumer efforts were not going well.