Kevin Hill of TAHCS: 'We're being challenged'

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

TYLER, Texas - As if owning a home medical equipment company wasn't enough to keep provider Kevin Hill busy, he recently stepped into the role of president of the Texas Alliance for Home Care Services (TAHCS). Hill, who, along with his wife, owns CPS Medical in Tyler, Texas, spoke to HME News recently about why the industry needs to make like Paul Revere.

HME News: What made you take on this role?

Kevin Hill: Our industry has given me a lot over the years. It's fed my family and provided services to people in our community. And at some point you just have to give back.

HME: What are the biggest issues the industry faces right now?

Hill: Competitive bidding is the biggest issue. The process of audits is right on its heels. Competitive bidding is something that is going to be difficult if not impossible to modify. That said, we still need to step in there and fight the good fight, for our industry and the recipients of our services. Ultimately, those are the people that are being hurt.

HME: How long have you been in the HME industry?

Hill: I grew up in the medical supply business. My father had a hospital medical supply store in Austin. Then, in 1980, I was teaching respiratory therapy and the opportunity and funding came up to provide oxygen concentrators for people in the community with chronic lung disease who were receiving few services.

HME: Got any goals for your work with TAHCS?

Hill: I think we need to be like Paul Revere and get the word out. They are coming for everybody in the industry and we need to become more aware of what's going on. We are being challenged to exist. In limiting fraud and abuse, we've initiated price cuts, accreditation, surety bonds--everything that the government has asked us for.



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