Knowledge is your sword

Friday, September 26, 2014

ATLANTA – “Know the rules!” They seem pretty straightforward words to live by, but when it comes to DME that’s often a lot easier said than done. At Medtrade, in a session entitled, “Medicare Rules and Regulations: Making Them Work for You,” Kelly Grahovac, a senior consultant with The van Halem Group, will provide insights into the rules providers need to know. “I want people to walk away feeling empowered and confident in what they’re doing, which they will do if they have a good knowledge base,” she said. 

HME News: What percentage of providers would you say is familiar with the rules?

Kelly Grahovac: Maybe 50%, for a lot of reasons. For long-time suppliers, they can get set in their ways. They don’t often go back and check unless they get denied or audited. New suppliers, on the other hand, are primarily familiar with the rules that are applicable to what they do.

HME: What about Medicare contractors? 

Grahovac: For the most part, they’re 100% familiar with the rules by the way they apply them, but any attorney will tell you that law is interpretive. Three people reading a manual will have three different interpretations.

HME: How often do the rules change?

Grahovac: The easiest way to stay informed is to subscribe to the DME MAC listserv. Any time there are any changes within LCDs, contractors send that out in an email. Any way you can get information is good; you can’t get comfortable. Knowledge is your sword; documentation is your shield. HME