Lead Generation: Take the guesswork out of finding leads

Q. Why don’t more HME providers use lead generation?
Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A. Unfortunately, when HME providers hear “lead generation” there is often still a hesitation that exists with respect to outsourcing their acquisition methods. What these companies do not realize is that they are likely already employing a lot of the marketing strategies and programs that lead generation companies use to develop new prospective customers for their clients.

Think about the process of placing an advertisement—most companies plan for a given ad to receive a certain number of inquiries, which will lead to a specific number of conversations, which hopefully amounts to a targeted number of closes or sales. Guess what? Lead generation is no different.

The appeal of utilizing lead generation services is two-fold: 1) the process of setting targets for guaranteed reach and acquisition is formalized and it becomes much easier to measure the impact of your marketing efforts, and 2) the steps of this process are optimized to ensure high levels of efficiency and the quality of leads provided.

Arguably the biggest advantage to using lead generation services is that all of the guesswork is taken out of evaluating the potential of a given prospect. Successful lead gen companies work tirelessly to filter out leads that will not be a fit with your company’s product, and only deliver potential customers who have expressed an interest in hearing more about how your company can help them better meet their healthcare needs. 

Work with a company that has a proven record for obtaining results, that can scale their operations to match the client’s needs and relies on an evolving set of best practices to stay compliant with legislation and regulatory bodies.  

Zeeshan Hayat is Prizm CEO and co-founder. Reach him at 604-326-0096 or zeeshan@prizmmedia.com.