Lead Generation: Use lead generation as road map

Q. What can the HME industry take away from other industries when it comes to lead generation?
Monday, July 27, 2015

A. When one looks to other industries, three things become readily apparent: 1) they have fully embraced lead generation as an integral component of their marketing strategy; 2) they are implementing lead generation techniques in some capacity; and 3) they are seeing the measurable impact on ROI that an effective lead generation campaign can have. 

Some of the biggest lead generation industries include insurance, legal, financial (mortgages and credit cards) and education. These are not “small potatoes” industries and it should be recognized that these industries are often trendsetters when it comes to how they execute highly effective marketing strategies that directly impact their sales numbers.

In short, lead generation is simply the act of having marketing campaigns that work. Whether online, over the phone, or through some relevant means of consumer interaction, these campaigns target a very specific demographic to achieve a designated ROI that will help fuel the growth of your business. 

One aspect of lead generation that sets it apart from other marketing campaigns—and one that should make it appealing to the HME industry—is that it is scalable. Lead generation can act as a road map of sorts for your company’s growth. You can learn exactly how many more sales opportunities are required for you to attain the revenue targets required to reach your next stage of growth. 

However, this process also informs how much additional support, be it staff or infrastructure, is required to effectively and realistically facilitate that growth.

Zeeshan Hayat is Prizm CEO and co-founder. Reach him at 604-326-0096 or zeeshan@prizmmedia.com.