Let business software help you avoid hard times

Sunday, September 26, 2010

BILLINGS, Mont. - When it comes to business software, only about 10% of HME providers are early adopters. The rest take more time making up their minds before jumping in and implementing a new product.

"Most providers need to be led," David Schaer, president of Computers Unlimited, told HME News TV recently. "They have to see the results before they make the investment."

When providers do pony up for new software or add on a new module, a few simple steps can spell the difference between getting the most out of the investment or leaving money on the table, Schaer, said.

First: Before installing the software, make sure you understand its features and benefits.

Second: Once you do install it, measure and monitor the results. Make sure the results match your expectations.

Third: Don't skimp on educating your staff.

"The product is only as good as you are trained to use it," said Robin Campbell, CU's senior system's consultant. "When you get new people, pay the money for the training. This is an ongoing investment. This is running your business."

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