Letter to the editor: PECOS: 'Whole process very trying'

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I wasted several hours trying to fill out the application (855S) on the PECOS site ("Revalidation: Check the list twice," HME News, January 2012). It only allows new suppliers to apply.

In total frustration, I called the NCS and was informed that yes, the system indeed had a glitch. I was told to go to the Medicare website and print out the form and mail it to them.

I also asked how to apply for an extension, as my letter stated I needed to resubmit my application within 35 days from the date of the letter. Nothing was mentioned about 60 days, and I was told that I could request the extension. I did, and I was given a 60-day extension.

The instructions for enrollment are confusing. They indicate it not necessary to complete section 2A1, which is wrong.

I found the whole process very trying! However, my application is going in the mail today.

-- Linda Conrad, Healthy Boutique