LinkedIn: Be specific

Q. How do I make my LinkedIn profile reflect my strengths?
Friday, January 23, 2015

A. Building your LinkedIn profile page is time-consuming, but the process will help you think deeply about your talents. What skills and personal touches do you offer your patients? What advice can you contribute to fellow professionals online? The results of this reflection will boost your LinkedIn profile and contribute to your company’s overall marketing message.

Here are three things you can do to make your profile stand out.

Change Your Title

Most people on LinkedIn use the default job title and place of business as their title. Edit this to better reflect who you are and add keywords for searching. An example might be “complex rehab technology expert and DME business owner.”

Spice Up the Summary Section

This is your opportunity to explain your passions, focus and goals. It’s more than explaining what you do. In this section, you may include some hard facts such as, “I manage a medical equipment company of 30 staff that provides complex rehab technology products to the Dallas-metro area.” You might also highlight your focus.

Fill this section with keywords such as “medical equipment” or “complex rehab technology” so others can find you. 

Personalize Your URL 

At the bottom of the first section of your profile, you’ll notice your LinkedIn URL. Change the nonsensical numbers they give you by default to your name, so you can share your page more easily. Mine says Let’s connect!

Beth Cox Hollingsworth is content manager for The VGM Group. Connect with her on LinkedIn (Beth Cox Hollingsworth) or email her at